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Electrical Safety Tips

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

Electrical Safety is used to educate us about the steps that can be taken to reduce the number of electrical-related fires, fatalities, injuries, and property loss.

Did you know that an electrical outlet can do much more than provide electricity? Electrical outlets can be life saving devices by preventing shocks, burns and even fires.

Specialized electrical outlets can provide you with a safer home and work environment. Do your outlets need an upgrade?

Protect yourself from electrical fires.  If you have any questions about electrical fires or electrical fire damage, be sure to contact SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe at (530) 494-9194.

Don't Ignore Your Washer and Dryer

6/29/2017 (Permalink)

Did you know that your washer and dryer is a likely source for flood or fire in your home?  Without periodic maintenance, you could be dealing with a major flood or fire problem.  Preventing a flood due to a washer’s hose corroding and splitting open is as easy as inspecting periodically and replacing when necessary.  Check and clean filters to avoid buildup and water flow problems. 

As illustrated in this picture, SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe recently cleaned up water damage in El Dorado County caused by a corroded washer hose that cracked open.   The damage to the property was extensive affecting hardwood floors as well as carpet, contents and drywall. With more attention to maintenance, you can avoid this from happening to you.

The Facts About Smoke and Soot

6/15/2017 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot are very invasive and can indulge it's self in various cavities within your home, which causes hidden damage and odor. Our smoke damage expertise and experience allows us to inspect and accurately assess the extent of the damage to develop a comprehensive plan of action.

Smoke and Soot Facts:

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.

  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by pipes to go floor to floor.

  • The type of smoke may greatly affect the restoration process.

Different types of smoke:

  • Wet Smoke - Low heat, smoldering, pungent odor, sticky, smeary. Smoke webs are more difficult to clean.

  • Dry Smoke - Fast burning, High temperature, Heat rises therefore smoke rises.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services:

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for specific conditions. We have the equipment, expertise and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage. We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care. Make sure to call on the professionals that care at SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe at (530) 494-9194.

Fire Damage and the Harmful Effects

6/1/2017 (Permalink)

During a fire, smoke inhalation is one of the most dangerous effects that incapacitates people. The materials that our furniture, clothing and other items are made of can produce dangerous residue. As a fire spreads inside a building, it will produce two life-threatening events - consume most of the breathable oxygen and create toxic gasses.

Not only will fire damage affect structures, but it is also quite lethal to people. Smoke contains tiny particles that are harmful in their own way. These include vapors which are inhaled or absorbed through the skin and that act as poison within the body. Minute particles of our burning property are so tiny that they penetrate our respiratory and digestive system. These minute particles are so small; they enter our lungs, as well as cause irritation to our eyes. 
Toxic gasses are a part of the characteristics of smoke. These gasses are the most deadly substances anywhere, consisting of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, cyanide and phosgene which is formed when products like vinyl are burned. These gasses also absorb the air we are trying to breathe, either by consuming it or by displacing it with other elements.
Smoke inhalation prevention measures can be taken that includes having smoke detectors in every room of a home or office. Also, invest in carbon monoxide detectors which should be placed in areas that are at risk for carbon monoxide exposure. Fire damage is always a devastating experience for you and the family. 

Feelings of confusion and stress are common. This is not the time to work with uncaring professionals. When SERVPRO arrives, we always treat people with great empathy and above all – respect! We will also treat your property and belongings with great care. 

SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe are experts in fire, water and mold remediation. We are locally owned and operated, so that when you call us, we arrive very quickly and are ready to work for you. Call us at (530) 494-9194.

Biohazard Clean Up - What You Need To Know

5/25/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard's are potentially hazardous biological materials that can present a risk to the health of humans, animals for the environment. Biohazard must be cleaned in a way as to protect those around as well as to properly dispose of affected materials to prevent further contamination. Items that can absorb any biohazard waste should be treated as medical waste and should be properly disposed of. Those who attempt to clean up these disasters need to be trained on all the procedures required to keep everyone both directly and indirectly safe and sound. Common biohazard and hazardous cleanup's include materials such as blood, feces, urine, vomit, etc.

SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe is recognized by the California Department of Public health as a trauma waste practitioner, Which means that we are registered pursuant to section 118321 of the medical waste management act. Not only are we the most qualified to help clean up your disaster, but we are also open and available with operators and cruise on standby 365 days a year, 24 hours a day because we understand that emergencies don't just happen during business hours.

SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe works regularly with all major insurance companies including State Farm, Safeco, Mercury, US AAA, Liberty Mutual, and much more!  Make sure to call on the biohazard experts at (530) 494-9194.

Top Summer Safety Tips

5/24/2017 (Permalink)

BBQ Fire Safety

Summer is upon us, and it is the grilling and fire pit season! Keeping the stove off and lighting that grill or smoker is a summer dream. While we all look forward to that warm weather, it is very important to keep these fire safety tips in mind!


• Keep a 3 foot clearance on all sides of the grill (that means keep kids and pets clear too!)
• Do not use the grill near the house, siding, railings, or any overhangs
• Do not use under trees or shrubbery.
• Periodically clean the grill and its grease traps to prevent grease fires.
• If using coals, please make sure they are completely cool before disposing of in a metal container.

Fire pits:
• Before starting the fire, make sure the lid can fit and cover the inside fire in case of emergency
• Keep the fire pit well away from flammable materials and fluids
• Do not burn trash, leaves, paper or cardboard that could spark or send hot particles through the air.

Other safety reminders:
• Do not leave grills or fire pits unattended
• Always keep a fire extinguisher on hand

Always stay safe with any summer activities.

Having an Allergy Attack? A Dirty House Could Be the Cause.

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

It's that time of year again. Mother Nature has sprung back to life, along with all the blessings and curses that come with the season.

The pollen count has spiked and allergies are in full swing. Sometimes your only escape from the runny nose and congested head is to head for the great indoors.

Of course, in many homes across the country, the air-conditioned refuge just doesn't provide the refuge you seek from the sniffles.  It could be that your home is in need of a thorough spring cleaning. Modern homes are often sow ell built that they are nearly air-tight. This helps keep warmth and air conditioning inside during the proper seasons, but it can also allow contaminants- such as dust and old mold particles- to build up to potentially irritating, or even unhealthy, levels.

Check out the following tips on spring cleaning, and consider giving your home a good scrub-down in the coming weeks.

Spring Cleaning Tips

• Always start from the top.- As you clean higher-up items, like ceiling fan blades and top shelves on bookcases, you'll knock dust down to a lower level. You don't want to resoil an area you already cleaned.

• Stay focused on task at hand.- When cleaning out a closet or drawer, it's easy to get drawn in by old photo albums and keepsakes. Set aside time for the fond memories later- You're on a mission!

• Don't be a pack rat.- You don't want to throw away precious keepsakes, but try to limit the junk laying around the house. If you haven't used it in a year or two, throw it out- or better yet- sell it in a garage sale!

Of course, if spring cleaning isn't thing, just give SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe  a call at (530) 494-9194. The professionals at SERVPRO, we'll have your home sparkling in no time!

Leave the Hassle of Board-Ups to the Professionals

5/3/2017 (Permalink)

Whether after a fire, storm, or other structural disaster, boarding up damaged property is a burden that no one should ever have to go through—especially if it is your property that has been damaged. Boarding up damaged property incorrectly could cause secondary damages such as moisture or animal intrusion, making the situation even worse. The process of boarding up after an unexpected damage can also be as dangerous as the damage itself. SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe can board up the damaged property and mitigate and remediate the original damage, providing you with peace of mind while helping make it “Like it never even happened.”

Make sure to call on the experts at SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe at (530) 494-9194 for your board up needs.

SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe Does More Than Just Water, Fire & Mold

4/19/2017 (Permalink)

It is often that when people hear the name SERVPRO, they think one of three things: Water, Fire or Mold. This is great! However, SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe provides a large variety of services that are often overlooked. Here are just a few of the many services we offer in hope that the next time you run into one of these issues, you will give SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe a call.

• Crime Scene, Biohazard and Vandalism Cleanup We are trained to clean the potential blood borne pathogens at a crime scene and have the technology to handle all the sanitation needs of a biohazard affected area. We do so in accordance to OSHA, EPA and the state and local health regulations to ensure you are safe upon return to the site.
• Contents Claim Inventory Services- SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe has a large storage facility to help accurately track the contents of your home or office should you wish to store items off site.

• Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning- For offices year round, rain or shine, it is important to make sure that the HVAC system is running smoothly. We have a commercial cleaning department just for the job.

• Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaning - Not all water or fire damage results in having to completely remove and get new flooring. We can help determine this and if need be clean on restore on site. SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe uses the latest IICRC training and technology to help with a variety of flooring needs.

• Stain Removal- Not all carpet floors are created equal. We are well aware and trained for just that and with a variety of pet, child and eco friendly chemicals for cleaning, we can help remove and even provide stain resistance application to your home or office flooring.

• Odors-We help locate and remove unknown sources of odors that could come from a variety of places. SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe has helped remove odors involving everything from smoke damage to that of the deceased.

• Upholstery & Drapes- Not everything should be cleaned with water and soup. We are familiar with a variety of fabrics that various furniture and home décor can be made of and we made sure to take every step possible to keep out cleaning both in depth but safe to the items themselves.


4/5/2017 (Permalink)

Why Choose SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe Professionals are dedicated to responding immediately to water and storm damage emergencies. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces cost.

We're Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

We specialize in water and storm damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business. SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe Professionals have extensive water damage restoration training that enables them to get you back to normal.

•Water Damage Restoration Technician
•Applied Structural Drying Technicians

We Have the Resources to Handle Storms and Disasters

SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe Professionals have a national network of over 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Team strategically located throughout the country.

Regardless of the Storm Damage, They Can Help

Storms occur with little warning and can be especially devastating, so you’ll need the company that you can trust to rise to the occasion. Regardless of the type of storm, SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co./W. Lake Tahoe can handle any size disaster. During catastrophic storms and major events, our Disaster Recovery Team can respond quickly with additional resources.

•Flooding caused by heavy rains
•Hurricanes and tidal surges
•Tornadoes and wind damage
•Ice and snowstorms
•Wild fires