Recent Before & After Photos

Residential Garage Fire

This home owner was working on a project in his garage when his equipment caught on fire. You can see in the before picture the amount of damage and soot it cau... READ MORE

Laundry Room Fire

This was suppose to be another typical weekend of doing laundry until the dryer caught on fire! This homeowner had a electrical malfunction with the dryer in th... READ MORE

Water Heater - Commercial Building

This water heater had started with a small leak. At the time, this seemed like a small issue. However, if left unattended it could become a bigger issue.  ... READ MORE

High School Fire

This high school's fire alarm was set off by accident and the automatic sprinkler came on to put the "fire" out. You can see in the before picture the... READ MORE

Mold Damage - Commercial Building

When you have a water loss it is best to act quickly and have professionals mitigate the loss. The before photo shows the closet in commercial office space who ... READ MORE

Commercial Flooding

After a long holiday weekend, this business owner came back to see a flooded office building. When your business is affected by any damage, it is hard... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Roof Leak

After a big storm, the roof of this commercial building started to leak. The business owner was not aware of the leak until the show... READ MORE

Burst Pipe

This building had a burst pipe. You can see in the before picture the amount of water that was gushing out of the pipes. Fortunately, this happen... READ MORE

The Damage You Don't See

This home owner had a water line leak in their laundry room. They called on the experts at SERVPRO of E. El Dorado Co. and W. Lake Tahoe. Our highly trained tea... READ MORE

Residential Home Fire

The before photo shows the fence on the side of the house that was affected by the fire. The after photo shows the same area after we completed our re... READ MORE