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Why Not to Assume Mold

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why Not to Assume Mold Talk about some crazy organic growth!

It is common for people who don't work in our industry to make blind assumptions when they see organic growth and call it 'mold'. There are thousands of different types of organic growth and only a certain amount are types of mold. Most people don't realize that mold is just a sub-type of organic growth, and typically start to placebo affect with 'health issues'. Unless you have a licensed, testing company come out and test the organic growth, there is no telling what it is or what it's risks are. 'Black mold' is another common misconception because people see dark organic growth and assume black mold. Unless someone is extremely sensitive (which is very rare) to mold and is surrounded with intense amounts of it, people typically don't have health issues being around it. 

If you find organic growth in your home or building, give us a call and we'll help you with any issues.

Tragic Police Death from Local Shooting

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Tragic Police Death from Local Shooting Our crewman cleaning bio-hazardous substances in his PPE (personal protective equipment).

A few weeks back there was a local shooting which involved the death of a young policeman. The altercation began at a local store where a man was getting aggressive with workers, so they called the police. Once the police arrived, the man started shooting at the police. This tragic event ended with one young policeman dead, another shot, a couple employees shot, and the shooter was shot as well. 

In times like these, most people don't know who to call about blood or human body matter. This local store was covered in human blood and body entrails- and the coverage was all over the store. We received the call to perform the bio-hazard cleanup day-of but had to wait 2 days to get the 'green light' from the police department that the crime scene was clear. We were able to come in and in with compassion and empathy and properly clean the affected areas. 

Soot Is a Sticky Situation

9/24/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Soot Is a Sticky Situation This is a very small range fire that ended up coating every room in soot because the HVAC system hadn't been shut off after.

Even the small fires can leave behind a whole lot of head ache. 

A small range fire is seemingly harmless, right?... because no structure or contents burned, right?

Wrong! Soot is sticky black matter that is created by the incomplete burning of matter. It sticks to everything! Even if you have a small range fire in your home downstairs, the soot travels so well that a lot of your contents and structure will be coated in it upstairs. Soot can travel through vents all throughout the house or structure, causing it to spread and affect more than you think.

If you have a small fire in your home, it is highly suggested that after the fire is out, to immediately turn your HVAC system. It happens quite often that unsuspected home owners and tenants run their HVAC system after a fire (mainly to try and get rid of fire smell), and the soot gets pushed around to every room through the venting. This will result in contents in all rooms to be covered in soot (depending on how big the fire).As well, a larger bill from a restoration company will follow. All small contents will need to be cleaned by hand and all affected rooms most likely o-zoned. 

Carr Fires Prove Devastation

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Carr Fires Prove Devastation Fire scorches Shasta County in devastating speed.

With the exploding fires in California, there is no denying the air quality and severity of heat, is rapidly increasing.  

The devastating Carr Fire continues to spread into rural areas of Shasta County, but authorities begin to express more confidence that they have halted the advance of the flames into the city of Redding. They want to turn their focus to battling the flames west of the city and deal with the outbreak of looting reports.

The 5-day-old fire’s burn area jumped from 48,000 acres Friday evening to 83,800 acres by Saturday night and is only at 5% containment. Authorities reported 5 dead and several still missing. The fire has destroyed 536 structures, damaged another 117 and threatens over 5,000.

Officials emphasized that the danger is not over and asks for patience from the 38,000+ people and families who have been forced from their homes since Thursday evening.

Counties in relative radius' has been affected by the air quality including Sacramento County and Placer County.  SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe send our thoughts and prayers out to those affected by the Carr Fire.

City of Folsom Rotary Club House Fire Clean

6/29/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage City of Folsom Rotary Club House Fire Clean Technician cleaning the thick soot.

A small local park in Folsom has a rotary club house that hosts classes, lunches, parties and more. A few months back, the kitchen in the club house had a fire and it left soot all over the walls and ceilings. One of our competitors was called out to clean and restore the damages but was quite unsuccessful.

 A few months after, we reached out, offering to fix and restore the fire damages that another restoration company couldn't. 

Using our top of the line SERVPRO chemicals and restoration products, we were able to tackle the caked-on soot stains that were left there for an inessential amount of time. The soot stains grew stronger when coated with other cleaning chemicals that did not remove it and were left there; but when using the correct tools and products, the job can be done. 

American Red Cross Support Project for Armed Forces

6/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation American Red Cross Support Project for Armed Forces Andrew and Ariel being interviewed for the local news.

Heroes Coming Home

Roughly 2 years ago, active duty Coast Guard Andrew Trevino got very sick, just before his first-born child was birthed by his wife and 6th grade teacher Ariel Smith. After a long and grueling 2 years of unanswered health problems for Andrew, come to find out, he was being exposed to heavy amounts of organic growth not only at home, but at his desk at work. Andrew fell very weak and sick, even hospitalized. It wasn't until a few months back that he discovered the organic growth to be in his home as well. He and some friends tried to remediate themselves, but like we would always suggest... leave it to the professionals. When Andrew and friends opened the walls in his home, it allowed even greater exposure from the organic growth spores, rendering him even weaker. At this point, Andrew, Ariel are pregnant with another child and are living in hotels and friends/family's houses while Andrew tried to fix the home himself.

It wasn't until a family member reached out to The American Red Cross for help, that a selfless miracle happened. DH Construction, The Home Depot, D&G Cabinets and SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe teamed up to remediate, restore, and even remodel Traveno's home. The goal in mind had us on a ticking clock due to Ariel's due date. We came in and remediated all affected parts of the house structure and cleaned the contaminated contents. DH Construction and The Home Depot restored and remodeled the home, from the inside to the outside. Even new furniture, appliances, and paint. The house is like new... and more importantly, safe. 

We all came together to provide these services out of the kindness of our hearts with no payment at all. The home was revealed to Ariel (Andrew had already saw it a week prior) on Thursday, June 21st, where KCRA3, Fox40, and ourselves were there to capture the beautiful reveal. Wife Ariel was speechless and in tears as crews from The American Red Cross, DH Construction, Fox40, KCRA 3 and ourselves welcomed her into her new and improved home.

Being less than a week from the due date of baby #2 being born, the family are in the house, ready to move forward with their lives. We knew we had to get them in there before the baby came, and we succeeded. Grateful as can be, Andrew and Ariel thanked us endlessly; but the true gratitude is from us, for their services.

Here are the links for the FOX40 and KCRA3 news articles covering this story:

House Fire Turns to Abatement Services

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage House Fire Turns to Abatement Services Fire devastates local home.

A local home had a devastating fire that seared the inside and some of the structure, rendering almost every surface in the home black with soot. Upon removal of all contents of the home, we also boarded up the house, including the burned down structural portions which left the house exposed. Boarding up a home or building after a fire is essential to keep thieves out, knowing their possessions are still in the home. 

Because the homeowner wants her belongings (contents) salvaged, we proceed to document and clean every item. 

Once we got to the remediation portion, after tearing out all appliances, furniture and personal contents, we tested the structure for asbestos because of the old age of the home. Testing revealed the home to be positive for asbestos and we had to begin abatement. 

Instead of us just demolishing the affected drywall, ceilings, and flooring, we did abatement to all walls down to the studs. All flooring was removed as well, leaving the home barren to the basic structure.

Thankfully, because we were able to find the asbestos before disturbing the walls, we were able to prevent exposure to the hazardous asbestos mineral. This way, when the home is rebuilt, it will be structurally healthier for living.

From a basic fire restoration call, we were able to find an additional harmful source that could've affected long term health.

Here at SERVPRO of E. El Dorado County/W. Lake Tahoe, we perform services from the remediation to the reconstruction, in addition to lead or asbestos abatement. 

Fire Sprinkler Gone Wrong

6/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Fire Sprinkler Gone Wrong In this picture you can see the damage the water pressure did to the ceiling and insulation.

In this particular project, we performed emergency water mitigation services for a commercial tenant who had a big, wet problem.

One morning an unsuspecting employee of a glass store was opening up the shop, where a large commercial roll up door was being opened to the building suite. Upon rolling open the door, one of the track wheels for the door broke off and the door came off of its track. The door knocked into a fire sprinkler and knocked the head right off which created a direct and powerful spout spray. The force of the water pressure was great and caused a lot of water damage to both that tenant's suite, and the neighboring tenant's suite. 

As soon as we received the call for the water loss, our owner Rose headed out to the scene. She assured the client our process and readiness and got the okay to begin the emergency water mitigation. 

We were able to quickly manipulate the contents in order to remove the affected insulation from the ceiling and walls as well as the water from concrete and carpet flooring. After drying the area and cleaning all contents that were salvageable, the client was pleasantly surprised to have her commercial suite back to a functioning state. 

Secondary Damage is Avoidable

4/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Secondary Damage is Avoidable Secondary damage occurred because the homeowner did not take care of the leaking water when it started.

Imagine you have a water leak in an area that you don't initially notice. You probably figure that this problem has already been settling in for a while, and won’t get any worse than it is. While you may not be able to see all of the affected material and area, there may be a lot more going on than you think.

If you see any sign of a water leak or moisture where it shouldn't be, do not hesitate to call us and have us assess the situation. If water leakage or damage goes untreated, usually because one cannot see the affected area themselves, secondary damage can occur and create a much larger problem. If leaking water is left alone in flooring such as wood or carpet, or drywall or ceiling, organic growth can spread much farther and cover a lot more material than originally. If this happens, it can spread and make for much more work in order to correct it.

It is imperative to stop the source of leaking water, remove any affected material and dry everything as soon as possible when dealing with water damage. You don't want to pay for secondary damage!!

With Fire, Comes Water

4/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage With Fire, Comes Water The Marriot Hotel in Rancho Cordova; wet soot.

Often, when a fire breaks out in a commercial building, there's more to worry about than soot and damages from the fire. Once a fire has grown great enough, if there is a sprinkler system set up, they will trigger and hopefully put out the fire. Additionally, the fire department is called out regardless, and either come in with fire suppressant or use of water to relieve the building of fire.

Typically, if the sprinkler system or water from the fire department are in use, there is going to be significant water damage. Whether it be high pressure water from hoses, or excessive water soaking in the floors, walls, ceilings, and items, water damage will more than likely occur.

Because of this situation, there are now 2 sources of damage, and they need to be restored accordingly. The soot from the fire creates soiled material and the water can create unimaginable damage. You don't want to let the water sit and or give it time to soak and seep into areas and deeper material that could severely worsen your damage situation.

The Marriot in Rancho Cordova had a fire on March 26th and we were the responders for damage control. We came in, cleaned the soot and rubble from the fire, extracted the water, and dried out the affected wet areas. The damage was pretty extensive, but no match for our production crew.